Improving energy efficiency is of significant importance for competitive companies. Another driving force for energy conservation is environmental in nature. Reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases and environmental pollutants is a major task for our society. Finding solutions which would make efficient use of oil products and prove less harmful for the environment is a great challenge. We however, found a solution in nature and created – SSTS Diesel+. SSTS Diesel+ is suitable for all forms of road transport including cars, trucks, buses and agricultural machine equipment. This in turn lessens particulates production on harvest. In the Netherlands, a ready mixture of SSTS Diesel+ and fuel has been available for purchase at 200 petrol stations and has proven successful. Indeed, more than 200,000 people use SSTS Diesel+ daily in the Netherlands.

EU Standard of SSTS Diesel+ Diesel and SSTS Diesel+ Euro 95

Testing was performed by the INTERTEK, research firm, highly regarded throughout the world. After adding SSTS Diesel+ to fuel, the ISO and EN standards remain the same. As a result, SSTS Diesel+ has proven harmless to all machinery. SSTS Diesel+ improves fuel quality while maintaining the standard as:

SSTS Diesel+ Diesel - EN 590
SSTS Diesel+ Euro 95 - EN 228

The test results shows that the SSTS Diesel+ meets all fuel standards and qualifies under all related ISO and EN tests.

Benefits transport
< fuel consumption 5-8%
< CO2 emissions > 7%
< particulate matter
< maintenance costs
shelf life up to 5x