what SSTS Diesel+ will do on a boiler system using HFO fuel

  • Faster combustion improves the fuel and heat efficiencies
  • Clean combustion chamber
  • Clean combustion causes less wear on the heat transfer pipes
  • Clean pipes improve the heat transfer
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Less CO2 NOX CO emissions
  • Solving sludge problems
  • Average savings with HFO 3-6%
  • Saving on maintenance 5- 30%

Oil refineries and storage tanks

  • Other benefits for the refinery are that viscosity and lubricity are improved.
  • When the fuel is sent to storage tanks it has up to 8x longer shelf life and bacterial growth is suspended
  • The end user will receive a superior fuel that still falls within EN/ISO standards and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
  • When the fuel is cracked in the refinery the molecule strains are broken leaving unsaturated molecules in the fuel, these unsaturated molecules do not give a full combustion, they have adhesive forces on heavy metals and other bad components in lower quality fuels. These unsaturated molecules and the adhesive particles become clumps of fuel called asphaltenes causing a weakened combustion resulting in hazardous gases and fine dust in the exhaust emissions.
  • Better and faster separation of crude, water and imputities

Effect on Boilers

  • Faster combustion improves fuel/heat efficiencies.
  • Clean burning keeps the combustion chamber, boiler and exhaust system clean.
  • Clean combustion reduces wear on heat transfer pipes.
  • Clean pipes improve heat transfer.
  • Clean burning reduces exhaust emissions.